Seminar Hall

It is an ideal place for the exchange of ideas rich and varied; it is an academic venue for organizing seminars and workshops in association with Govt.organizations, Professional association and Corporate agencies.

IT Lab

The computer lab is well equipped with 60 high end systems and printers to cater to the needs of each and every student. The computer centre is coupled with high speed internet connection and is supported by UPS systems.


A full-fledged Library is provided for the students in MAMS. A wide array of the latest editions of a large number of books on different topics of management is available in the library. Journals, Magazines and Periodicals reflect the current issues among the cross-sections of various Industries. Digital is an added advantage. The MAMS Library is a store-house and also mine of knowledge and information for facilitating the Management Education.

Digital Language Lab

Our well equipped digital lab makes learning of English an easy event and an effortless exercise. Doors are wide open to any who desires to learn the language royal and develop language skills.

Wi-Fi campus

Ours is a Wi-Fi campus providing and comprehending vast expands of the internet for referring to many national and international journals and magazines subscribed on-line for the benefit of the students. It provides easy access to the web round the clock in the labs and on their laptops even after the normal academic pursuit. Out students in the campus can easily access internet from anywhere using their wireless devices. Internet being a major source of information today helps students to enjoy the multi facilities of learning Our students can access e-journals and e-books by using our digital library with the heap of Wi-Fi connection.


Fully Air Conditioned HD Miniplex Theatre with 150 executive seats for studies


A well designed cafeteria is provided for serving hygienic and quality food-vegetarian and non-vegetarian at reasonable rates.


Separate hostel facility available for Boys and Girls


Cozy guest rooms for visiting faculty and industry professionals.