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MBA Online Admission 2022 - 2023


Methodology of Teaching
- Learning Process


Daily Academic Schedule

MBA at MAMS is an exceptional programme to educate future business leaders through powerful interactive learning processes.


Commitment To Teaching

An effective delivery and assessment of class work is designed to provide a good balance between intellectual development and the managerial competence. Thanks to skillful training and direction, classrooms become crucibles for leadership; students become time masters for right entrepreneurship; life becomes an exercise for bright career.



MAMS provides a wide range of teaching and learning methods by way of expanding the mental horizon and maximizing the inherent abilities of our student community. The various tools and techniques adopted help to produce professional managers and leaders with appropriate know – how and practical wisdom suited to new life styles. It includes lectures, seminars, group discussions, business games, role plays, team work, industrial visits, case studies, simulations, field activities and the like


Quality Assurance Programme

Continuous monitoring of both academic and non-academic activities is done at MAMS with a view to ensuring the required level of Quality which is set at National and International Standards. QAP greatly facilitates the Faculty and the Students to get the best out of them.


Systems In Practice

There are about 34 systems in practice in the first semester of MBA and more systems added in the subsequent semesters with a view to ensure best Quality Performance of the B-School. The systems we design here are very unique in form, structure, content, function, procedure and utility.


Faculty Evaluation System

The performance of the Faculty is continuously evaluated by applying a number of techniques at regular intervals like Class Committee, Faculty-Student Forum, Individual Evaluation etc.


Student Assessment System

A system of regular and continuous evaluation of the performance of the students is formulated with the new pedagogy of Management Education. The assessment system is to support the course design in terms of its objectives and in tune with its unique features. Improvement and Progress are the destination points of the system.

M.B.A Admission 2021 - 2023

MBA with Artificial Intelligence :

  • Including Artificial Intelligence, Digital marketing and different training programs.

MBA with Logistics & Supply Chain Management :

  • Including Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Digital Marketing and different training programs.


MBA at Marian Academy focuses on creating right attitude and perception in the upcoming generation. To make one refined in the art of life and management opens the way to Mariaan Village. It moulds graduates with new profiles and life styles with national integrity and global perspectives.

No. of Seats Application Deadline Decision
90 2 Years

1. Marketing

2. Finance

3. Human Resource