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The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually fade away, but climate change has been and will be trending for the next several decades.

Today, governments, corporations, banks, NGOs, and even the Pope have been raising concerns about Climate change. The Swedish teenager and Time Magazine Person of the Year, Greta Thunburg, has become the face of climate youth activism, and has encouraged young people to get involved. The students at MAMS have heard her call to lead in the climate challenge and have embarked on journey to have their voices heard.

In the late 2020, in the midst of COVID-19, MAMS started a course and virtual accelerator, Startups & Sustainability: Why You Should Care to Lead, for its selected students. The course has two elements:

1. Theory of 17 UN SDGs: The group of 90 students, broken down to 9 teams, have chosen a country for the duration of the course to examine the 17 UN SDGs. They have chosen developed and emerging market countries, and have initially presented on food waste, food loss, carbon foot print of food, and food mileage. These students come from an agriculture background; the sector contributes to 25% of the Green House Gases; hence, relevant and timely for change.

2. The 9 teams have also chosen a startup linked to SDGs, and will develop their startup during the course of the 16 weeks in the MAMS ‘virtual accelerator’ and will present on ‘demo day’ at the end of the term. They will work ‘together in a virtual co-working space’ and present each week: from ideation to prototype, to product to go to market strategy.

Thus, the theory will complement the learnings in the virtual accelerator.

The applied course, first one in South India, is led by Rushdi Siddiqui, who has over 25 years of experience with Fortune 500 companies, startups and sustainability.