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Membership in Professional Bodies:

Life Member AIMA, (All India Management Association), LM 201111086

 Member KMA (Kerala Management Association)

 Life Member Management Teachers Consortium (MTC, Global Trust)


 Editorial Board Member:  Acta- Scientific Open Access -Internationally peer-reviewed publishing group

Reviewer - Journal of Business and Retail Management Research (Scopus)


M.Phil. Thesis Guided    :         5

Invited Talks /Resource Person:

Conducted a workshop on Research at Sahrdya College for Advanced Studies, Kodakara, on 29/06/2017 (BBA Final Year Students)

Panel Expert in National Conference –Emerging Role of Commerce and Management in Digital India, on 18/02/2020 at Santhigiri Institute of Management, Vazhithala, Thodupuzha.


Articles published    :   National Journal:


 1. Building a brand winner with Manchester united (ISSN 0975 -5101)


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  1. Rural Market -Opportunity & Challenges (ISSN-0975 -5101)


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Ernakulm District) DCAS Journal of Management and IT Application 2012(July –

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Ernakulum District. Indian Journal of Applied Research, Volume: 3, Issue: 8, Aug 2013, 

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International Journal:


  1. Indian Journal of Commerce & Management Studies ISSN – 2229-5674 Internationally

    Indexedpeer reviewedJournal,,Vol–II, Issue -1 January 2011. 

    International Promotion: The Global Market Place

2. A study to find out the perception about technology with special reference to Thanal Resident

    Association The International Journal’s Research of Social Service &Management. Vol-I, No:5

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Management Research & Review.May 2012/ Volume 2/Issue 5/Article No-23/847-857 ISSN: 



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Monthly referred researchInternational Journal of Management and Social Sciences Research 

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     Management and Social Sciences Research (IJMSSR) ISSN: 2319-4421 Volume 2, No. 7, July 



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of Business and Administration Research Review. (IJBARR), double blind peer reviewed 

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27.Pitch Processing, Indian Journal of Applied Research,Volume-9 | Issue-4 | April-2019 | PRINT 

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     Brand Trust-A review on National Tourism Brand marketing,Journal of Information and   

    Computational Science,ISSN: 1548-7741, (Page No: 779-786). Volume 10 Issue 3 (March

2020).UGC Care Group II Certified Journal.

Article or Chapter in an Edited Book


  1. Vinay Raj R, 2010, Challenges between competition &Collaboration, Editor-Dr.AmishiArora, Collaborative Competition & other readings, pp-95-103 ,Himalaya Publishing House ,Girgaon, ISBN-978-81-8488-690-0


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Books Published


  1. R, Dr.Vinay Raj. 2016. 25 Questions and Answers on Brand Management. ISBN: 978-1-63040-923-4. Paldi, Ahmedabad: Sara Book Publication.

Paper presentation   : National

  1. Empty nest syndrome (UGC Sponsored National Seminar Morning star College, Angamaly, 26-27 Nov-2009)


  1. A seminar on Global recession and its impact on Indian Financial Markets, Datta Meghe

           Institute Nagpur (Jan,2010)


  1. Issues in Marketing of Goods and Services (UGC Sponsored National Seminar, Bishop 

     Heber College, Trichy, 12th Feb, 2010)


  1. Rural Market –A World of opportunity (National conference on Think Global, Go Rural,

          K.S.R College, Tiruchengode.18th March 2010)


  1. Change makes all the difference –SHRM, (National conference on quality Improvement  

        Tools in dynamic Market scenario, Delhi   Business School New Delhi.May6-7, 2010)


  1. Family Influence on consumer behaviour, National conference in Apeejay School of

       Management New Delhi May 14th, 2010


  1. A Market outlook on Kerala (AICTE sponsored National Conference on Indian Business

     Research, Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore (24th May, 2010)


  1. Carbon & CHG Management, National Conference on Go Green, DMI College of

       Engineering, Chennai, 18th March, 2011.


  1. Media Planning, National Conference on Emerging Trends in Business Management, Vels

      University, Chennai, 18th& 19th April, 2011.


  1. Rural Marketing & Its Challenges, National Conference on Recent Trends in Management 

        Studies & Multidisciplinary Research, Maharashtra Academy of Engendering Alandi,

         Pune on 9th, 10th & 11th March, 2012


  1. A study on Health and Medical Tourism and its Marketing Strategy in Rural Area in

      Ernakulam District, National Seminar on Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Savitri

       Girls’ College, Ajmer on 25th March, 2012


  1. Community Tourism & Its Challenges in Rural Areas, National Level Conference on

       Disruptive Marketing- The Way Forward, CMR Institute   of Management Studies, 

        Bangalore, 27th April, 2012


  1. Importance of Proactive Pitching in marketing Community Tourism (Rural Areas).National

      Conference on Traditional Concepts in today’s    Context. Rajagiri Centre for Business 

      Studies, January, 24th 2013


  1. Direct Marketing .National Seminar on Melting Indian Rupee held at Ranippettai

        Engineering College, Vellore District, Tamil Nadu on September 18-19, 2013


  1. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development with special reference to

Carbon & GHG Management in Eloor Industrial Area in Kerala, South India UGC 

        Sponsored National Seminar on Maximising Corporate Social   Responsibility in Indian 

        Perspective, St.Thomas   College Kozhencherry, 13-14, March 2014


  1. Effectiveness of four P’s of Social Marketing with Reference to Community Tourism,

National seminar Change 14, Social Marketing: Role of Academics, Government, Public 

      Sector & NGO, School of Business Management    & Legal Studies University of   Kerala,   

      Thiruvananthapuram, March 14-15,   2014


  1. Community tourism and its role in Responsible tourism initiatives in Kerala, Two day National

       Seminar on Responsible Tourism for sustainable development –Issues and prospects at Sree

SarswathyThyagaraja College, Coimbatore March 25-26, 2015.


Paper presentation   :  INTERNATIONAL


  1. HR can win. International HR Conclave “Four Es of HRM”Mahatma Gandhi College Guntur

     A.P. 29-31st Oct, 2010


  1. Marketing Strategy of Kudumbashree& Challenges in Rural Areas, International 

      Conference on Rural Markets, School of Management & Business Studies, Mahatma Gandhi 

       University, Kottayam (29th&30th Nov, 2010)


  1. A study on Community Tourism and its Marketing Strategy in Ernakulam District,

      International Conference -Management Next- New: Paradigms and Innovations held at 

Berchmans Institute of   Management Studies, SB College, Changanacherry on 13th& 14th

      January, 2012


  1. Perception about International Collaborations in Research Practice.De Novo International

      Conference on International Social Work, De Paul Institute of Science & Technology, 

Angamaly, Ernakulam on Nov 5-7, 2013.


  1. Marketing Challenges of Kudambashree in Rural Areas, International Conference of

     Entrepreneurship in a globalized world, Challenges, Policy & Perspectives, De Paul Institute 

of Science & Technology,  Angamaly, Ernakulam on Dec-13-14, 2013,


  1. Role of Sustainable Tourism with special focus on Ernakulam District, International Conference

on Triple bottom line for sustainability, De Paul Institute of Science & Technology and DePaul 

     University Chicago, IMA Hall Ernakulam,19th and 20th December 2016.



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